Become Professionals With ProMedica Home Medical Equipment

Become Professionals With ProMedica Home Medical Equipment 

ProMedica Home Medical Equipment is a division of ProMedica, a not-for-profit health system based in Toledo, Ohio. ProMedica Home Medical Equipment provides a range of medical equipment and supplies to support patients in their home care needs.

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What Types Of Medical Equipment ProMedica Offer?

It offers various medical equipment to meet diverse healthcare needs. Here are some common types of medical equipment that it provides.

  • For respiratory system health, it offers oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen systems, nebulizers, inhalers, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines, ventilators, etc.
  • In case of aid required for mobility, it offers wheelchairs (manual and powered), rollators, walkers, canes, scooters, patient lifts, and transfer aids.
  • It also offers different kinds of hospital beds, such as standard beds, adjustable electric beds, pressure-relieving mattresses, and alternating pressure mattresses.
  • In orthopedic supports and braces, it provides back and knee braces, ankle and wrist support, and compression garments and stockings.
  • There are dressings, bandages, cleansers, antiseptics, compression wraps, and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) devices for wounds.
  • Urological supplies include catheters, urinary collection bags, incontinence briefs and pads, bedpans, and urinals.
  • For diabetes management, blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems are available.
  • Furthermore, it offers compression therapy products like compression stockings and sequential compression devices (SCDs).

Other Services Of ProMedica Home Medical 

There are the following services that they offer.

Delivery and Setup

This Home Medical Equipment typically offers delivery and setup services for the medical equipment they provide. They understand the importance of ensuring that patients receive their equipment in a timely manner and that it is properly installed and set up for use.

Rent Service

When you rent or purchase medical equipment from ProMedica, their delivery team will deliver it directly to your home. They will also assist with the initial setup and demonstrate how to use the equipment safely and effectively. It ensures that patients and their caregivers are familiar with and use the equipment correctly.

Maintenance of Equipment

Additionally, this Home Medical Equipment may offer ongoing support and maintenance services for the equipment. They may provide troubleshooting assistance over the phone or arrange for service technicians to visit your home if any issues arise with the kit.

Does ProMedica Provide Return And Exchange Policy?

It has policies in place regarding returns and exchanges of medical equipment. However, the specific details of their return and exchange policy may vary depending on the type of equipment, rental or purchase agreement, and local regulations.

When renting or purchasing medical equipment from ProMedica, it is important to discuss their specific return and exchange policy with their customer service or sales representative. They will be able to provide you with accurate information regarding any applicable fees, timeframes, and conditions for returns or exchanges.

Can I Order Online?

It generally provides online ordering services for certain medical equipment and supplies. To determine if online ordering is available, you can visit the official website of ProMedica or contact their customer service directly. Depending on the specifics of your order, you may have the option to choose delivery or pickup.

The website should provide information about their online ordering process, available products, and any requirements or steps to place an order online. When using the online ordering system, you can browse their catalog, select the desired equipment or supplies, provide the necessary information, and complete the transaction electronically. 

Does ProMedica Provide Any Training And Education Regarding Home Medical Equipment?

It typically provides training and education regarding the equipment they supply. They understand the importance of ensuring that patients and their caregivers know the proper use, maintenance, and safety considerations associated with medical equipment.

When delivering and setting up the equipment at your home, ProMedica’s delivery team or trained professionals will often provide instructions on how to use the equipment correctly. They will demonstrate its proper operation, explain any necessary maintenance or cleaning procedures, and address any specific questions or concerns you may have.


1. How can I determine which equipment is right for me? 

ProMedica’s team of professionals can help you assess your specific needs and recommend the appropriate equipment. They may consider factors such as your medical condition, mobility requirements, and personal preferences.

2. Does ProMedica accept insurance for medical equipment?

ProMedica Home Medical Equipment may accept insurance coverage for certain medical equipment. It’s advisable to contact their customer service or check their website to understand which insurance plans they work with and the coverage options available.

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