Making the Most of Your Friday Health Plans Login

Making the Most of Your Friday health plans login

The rapid expansion of Friday health plans login is evidence of the power of our objective to provide excellent customer service while maintaining cost and simplicity. Sadly, Friday has been unable to scale our financial infrastructure to keep up with the expansion rate and obtain the additional funding needed to operate our company.

Although we are extremely unhappy, we concur with the state regulators’ determination that it is necessary to gradually wind down Friday’s commercial operations to comply with the laws in our operating jurisdictions. This course of action is best for our members. We are extremely appreciative of our staff members’ tireless efforts and commitment to Friday and their assistance in managing.

What And When You Can Enroll Friday Plans?

You must have gone through a Qualifying Life Event, which would have qualified you for a Special Enrollment Period, to enroll with Friday Health Plans all year long. For plans beginning on January 1 or February 1, you must enroll during the yearly enrollment period, normally from November 1 to January 15. For example

  •         Getting wed or getting a divorce
  •         Conceiving a child or adopting a child
  •         A new residence in a new zip code was moved to
  •         Lost eligibility for health coverage

Why do Friday Health Plans make it?

Friday health plans login were created for those who purchase their own health insurance. People who don’t have health insurance through their job, such as independent consultants, freelance professionals, merchants, service providers, part-time employees, etc. 

Friday’s line of business is delivering affordable health insurance with functional benefits for self-sufficient individuals and families. The fact that all of Friday’s plans are accessible through the Health Insurance Marketplace, which is a component of the Affordable Care Act, ensures that you will be covered regardless of any existing medical issues.  

Four types of health plans are available: catastrophic, bronze, silver, and gold.

  • In-person and online primary care visits
  • Thousands of appointments for mental health at no cost. Recommended generic medications cost $0
  • Urgent care appointments cost $75.

Can I Change Health Plans While Enrollment is Opening?

Switching from one health plan to another during open enrollment is a good idea. You can enroll directly with us, through your broker, or on if you want to move from another health insurance provider to Friday Health Plans. Make sure to revoke your alternative plan as well.

If you want to stay with Friday but need to change your plan or your personal information has changed, you can do it using your Friday Member Portal or, if you initially signed up there, Alternatively, call us.

Does Friday Health Plans Intend to Leave Colorado?

The DOI has proactively requested that the courts place Friday Health into liquidation. On August 31, 2023, their Colorado health insurance plans will expire. As a result, the special enrollment period (SEP) allowing current Friday members to enroll in new coverage will start immediately.

Who Qualifies for this SEP?

  1. The breakdown of qualifications is as follows: qualify for a subsidy AND have an income less than 150% of the federal poverty limit. offers a subsidy and income qualification checker.
  2. People who are Medicaid-eligible or fall into the Medicaid Gap are ineligible for this SEP since they are not subsidy-eligible. However, those who are legally present but ineligible for Medicaid because of their immigration status may be qualified for a subsidy and thus be eligible for this SEP.

Bottom Line

Friday health plans are health insurance for those who can purchase them. It is also for low-income people. You can make your account online and also make an appointment online. It is a very easy and effective method for maintaining your health.


What is the deadline for my premium payment, and how can I submit a payment?

You must pay the subsequent month’s premium by the twentieth of the preceding month. Call 844-279-4335 to use the automated phone system to make a payment. You can email at to get a receipt after processing your payment.

Am I eligible for a government grant?

You might be shocked to hear you are eligible for help paying your monthly premiums. People who make less than $51,040 annually and families with four members who make less than $104,800 yearly qualify. Check out

How can I have my out-of-pocket costs covered?

Send a copy of your receipt and SuperBill, which you can obtain from your doctor, along with your name, date of birth, phone number, and email to to receive repayment.