Medical Services in Canada| Lifelabs Medical Laboratory Services

Medical Services in Canada| Lifelabs Medical Laboratory Services

LifeLabs medical laboratory services are top medical services in Canada. They have been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. In each processing of the test, from collection to reporting, it provides efficient, reliable and accurate services. It continuously uses its medical knowledge for test offerings and invests in technology to change the way of healthcare.

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What Type Of Tests Does LifeLabs Offer?

It is a healthcare company that offers a variety of tests for individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness. Some of the tests include:

Blood tests

It offers a range of blood tests to help individuals understand their overall health, including tests for cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, liver function, kidney function, and more.

Genetic tests

They have genetic tests to help individuals understand their genetic predispositions to various health conditions, including tests for cancer risk, cardiovascular risk, and genetic diseases.

Hormone tests

They have a facility of hormone tests to help individuals understand their hormonal balance, including tests for testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones.

Allergy tests

It provides allergy tests to help individuals identify allergens that may be causing symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and hives.

COVID-19 tests

It offers COVID-19 tests, including PCR tests and rapid antigen tests, to help individuals determine if they have an active infection with the virus.

Featured Test

It also offers feature tests like Anti-Aging and Wellness, Gastrointestinal Health, Immunological Disorders, infection, oncology, reproductive health tests etc.

Does Lifelab Provide Home Based Testing?

Lifelab Medical Laboratory Services, a Canadian laboratory services company, offers a variety of testing services, including some at home. The availability of home-based testing may vary depending on your location and the specific test you need.

For example, it offers a home sleep apnea test that can be done in the comfort of your own bed. They also offer a home COVID-19 test kit that can be ordered online and mailed to your home.

Career Opportunity At Lifelab

Lifelab Medical Laboratory Services is a proud Canadian company with over 50 years experience, 16 laboratories and over 380 centers across Canada!


They offer exciting career opportunities to join our highly skilled and passionate team members, develop and progress key skills and have direct exposure to the latest advancement in diagnostics working with state of the art technologies.


From our initial greeting, to the preparation and delivery of patient specimens, They are the faces of the lab ensuring patient samples are routed through a complex network across 380+ centers, hospitals and government organizations.  

Their courier opportunities provide a variety of responsibilities and experiences to individuals who enjoy working with people and being on the go!  Explore the opportunities on our courier team.

Customer Services

Our Customer Care Centre supports patients, hospitals, long term care facilities & physicians in our 24/7 operation.   It offers a variety of shift options and opportunities to be a part of a highly effective & collaborative team that achieved a 90% customer satisfaction rate year over year.  This has been an incredible accomplishment that they are very proud of and would not be possible without the hard work of our professionally trained Customer Care Centre Associates.  Join this high achieving team today!

Corporate Job

Lifelab Medical Laboratory Services main vision is to build a healthier Canada!  With more than 380 centers, 16 laboratories, and the ability to serve more than 20 million patients annually, they are Canada’s biggest community diagnostics laboratory. 

More than 2.5 million Canadians can receive their results online each year because of LifeLabs, which built the country’s first for-profit genetics lab and launched the biggest online site.  They are a part of the “Digital Supercluster,” which supports innovation and enhances Canada’s position as a leader in digital technology worldwide.

By supporting business initiatives, innovations, best practices, and business growth prospects, you may join LifeLabs and advance your career.

Other Services of Lifelabs

In addition to its core laboratory testing services, It offers several other programs and initiatives that aim to promote health and wellness. While specific programs may vary by location, here are some examples of additional programs:


MyCareCompass is an online portal for individuals to access their lab test results securely. Users can log in to view their results, track their health over time, and access educational resources related to their test outcomes. The portal also provides personalized health reminders and recommendations


MyAccess is a program that offers individuals the convenience of ordering certain lab tests directly without a doctor’s referral. Through this program, individuals can choose from a selection of tests related to general health and wellness and pay for them directly. This enables easier access to specific lab tests for individuals who may not have immediate access to a healthcare provider.

Genetics Education Program

It provides a genetics education program to help individuals understand genetic testing and its implications. This program aims to raise awareness about genetic conditions, genetic testing options, and the potential impact of genetic information on personal health and well-being.

Workplace Health Solutions

They have workplace health solutions to support employers and employees in maintaining a healthy work environment. These solutions may include workplace testing services (such as pre-employment medical assessments and drug and alcohol testing) and health promotion initiatives.

Community Outreach and Education

You can actively participate in community outreach and education initiatives. They collaborate with healthcare providers, community organizations, and schools to promote health awareness, provide educational resources, and support health-related events.


  • How can I book an appointment with LifeLabs? 

You can visit their official website or call their customer service hotline for booking appointments. They have an online appointment booking system that allows you to schedule a convenient time and location for your testing.

  • How do I prepare for a laboratory test? 

The preparation for laboratory tests can vary depending on the specific test you’re undergoing. LifeLabs provides detailed instructions for each test on their website or during the appointment booking process. 

  • How much time do I receive my test results? 

The turnaround time for test results is within 24-48 hours, while more complex tests or specialized genetic testing may take longer. 

  • Can I access my test results online? 

LifeLabs provides an online portal called “my results” where you can securely access your test results. You will receive login credentials and instructions on how to access the portal when you undergo testing with LifeLabs. It’s a convenient way to view and manage your test results from anywhere with internet access.
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