Unlocking The Benefits Of Chesapeake Social Services
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Unlocking The Benefits Of Chesapeake Social Services 

Chesapeake Social services is a government agency founded in Chesapeake City of, Virginia. It has divisions at 100 Outlaw Street in the Crestwood area of Virginia City. 

They are providing their services in different domains such as adult protection, foster care program, job opportunity and financial aid.

Chesapeake Social Services offers programs and services to the residents of Chesapeake to assist with financial difficulties and to make families strong.

What Are The Benefits Of The Chesapeake Social Services Adoption Program, Child Care Development, And Food Services?

Adoption Programs

  • If someone wants to place their child for adoption, find out appropriate and get referrals to service providers. Through an entrustment agreement, parents give up their parental rights to the agency by signing a legal form.
  • Parents looking for a child to adopt should check whether their home meets the requirements of one of the children in Chesapeake social services custody.
  • They also offer a complete adoptive home study for the court and charge a fee according to income and family size. The child can be a relative, non-relative, or a stepchild.
  • They provide complete both foster/adoptive home studies.
  • When an adult asks about the adoption record provided to our agency, they also disclose non-identifying information from adoption records.

Interagency Support

In response to a request from the Virginia Department of Social Services, look for the biological parents of an adult. When a different state’s agency requests one for a specific kid, the agency conducts adoptive home studies on parents residing in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

This request must originate from Richmond, Virginia’s Interstate office. Income, family size, and amount of time spent are all factors that may affect the fees.

Child Care And Childhood Development Services

Apply through application in the Virginia Department of social services. It depends on the availability of funds. There are some requirements:

  1. Biological parent or legal caregiver
  2. Citizen of Chesapeake
  3. Income eligible or approved for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  4. Working, enrolled in school, or currently looking for employment

Assist With Food

SNAP enables qualified recipients to buy food at their local grocery stores. They use an electronic benefits card (EBT) that has some amount to purchase food items from stores. One has access to buy seeds and food but cannot things listed below:

  • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco
  • Hot foods ready for immediate consumption on the store premises
  • Pet foods
  • Soap or paper products or another non-food item. 

What Are The Key Features Of Child Protection, Job Opportunity, Adult Protection, And Foster Care Program?

Offers Child Protection Services 

Child Protective Services (CPS) seeks to find, evaluate, and serve children and families to safeguard children, preserve families when feasible, and stop abuse. These services prevent children from physical, mental, and medical neglect and sexual abuse and exploitation. It includes abuse and neglect of minors.

Assist In The Job Opportunity

Job centers in Chesapeake social services help individuals and families to become interdependent and empowered towards the City of Chesapeake. They support potential individuals through their public and private partners. 

  • The Virginia Initiative for Employment, not Welfare (VIEW) 
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training (SNAPET
  • Intensive Case Management Services (ICM)  

Adult Protective Service

Adult Protective Services looks into allegations of mistreatment, abandonment, and exploitation of people 60 years of age and over, as well as people who are incapacitated and older adults. These Services are provided to adults age 18 and older who have a disability and to their families when needed.

  • Companion Services Nursing Home Pre-Screenings 
  • Assisted Living Facility Assessments 
  • Adult Foster Care
  • Adult Day Care 

Conduct A Foster Care Program

To create a difference in the lives of physically or mentally disabled adults, they create a caring environment that makes them independent. Children between birth and 18 are given a safe, loving, family-like home by foster or resource parents. 

The Chesapeake Department of Human Services is in charge of the child. Foster parents who would be eligible to adopt the foster kid if it is available are known as resource parents. The dual certification of Chesapeake’s foster and resource parents makes it simpler for them to adopt a child. 

Participate in the PRIDE pre-service training for foster/resource parents. They will provide a letter with the schedule for the subsequent training. After completing 27 hours of training, parents will receive the appropriate paperwork to become a Foster/Resource parent. 

The Home Finding unit will do a home study to make sure you satisfy the standards to be a foster or resource parent after the classes and paperwork.

How Does The Chesapeake Social Services Department Provide Medical And Financial Support?

Medical Assistance 

The Medical Assistance Program pays for health and medical care for low-income people. Medicaid is only available for limited financial resources and specific categories of people.

Long-Term Care (LTC) 

The term “long-term care” (LTC) refers to medical care and services that provide for longer than 30 days and intend to maintain, improve, or protect health or lessen illness, disability, or pain.

To determine Long Term Care Medicaid, complete these procedures:

  1. Pre-admission screening to assess the severity of the condition
  2. Filing a Long-Term Care Medicaid application to receive funds for treatments that qualify
  3. The assessment of a Medicaid long-term care application
  4. A checklist will provide ten days after receiving the long-term care Medicaid application. The benefit worker will need to verify the information on this checklist, which will ask for all resources, income (other than Social Security income), and property transfers.

Financial Support 

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families provides temporary financial aid to eligible families with children. Families receive monthly cash to fulfil their daily needs, and families should meet specific requirements and prove they are in need.

  • The career (or both in a TANF/VIEW family with two parents) must be physically or mentally incapable (Medical Evaluation verification necessary).  
  • The caretaker should constantly be present in the home to provide for an impaired family member (a statement of required career presence verified by a medical professional is required). 


Chesapeake social services provide support in various categories related to human life regarding financial, medical, and food. 


  • How Can I Get In Touch With Chesapeake?

There are three ways to make a service request or voice an issue: Online: Use the Customer Service Request app to create a service request or report a problem. To reach the City, 757-382-2489. the Customer Contact Centre, through email.

  • What Is The Reputation Of Chesapeake?

The Chesapeake Bay is translated as “mother of waters” or “great shellfish bay.” Given that blue crab, oysters, and rockfish are the most popular foods on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this name fits the region perfectly.

  • What Does The Chesapeake Crisis Line Mean?

A 24/7 emergency crisis intervention hotline is offered through Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare (CIBH) at 757-548-7000.