What are the most common types of sports injuries?

What are the most common types of sports injuries?

The word “sports injury” refers to the kinds that most often happen during sports or exercise, but they don’t just happen to athletes. Even if they don’t play sports,  factory workers can get tennis elbow, artists can hurt their shoulders, and gardeners can get tendinitis. In the end, though, “sports injuries” are those that happen to people who are active. This health topic is about the most common kinds of sports injuries, which are those that affect the muscles and bones. The musculoskeletal system is a network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and other organs that keeps the body stable and lets it move.

 When such injuries occur, visiting the best physiotherapist in Coimbatore is an ideal choice to ensure you have a complete recovery.

 What are the major causes of sports injuries?


 Overuse injuries are more likely to happen to people who play sports or work out often. This word is used to describe an injury that is caused by repeated impact instead of a single or specific injury event. Most of the time, these kinds of injuries are caused by mistakes in training, like doing too much of one thing for too long, or by mistakes in skill, like having bad form.

 Improper warm up:

 Warming up before any kind of physical action is important because it gets your body from a state of not moving to a state where it is ready to move. But a lot of people skip this step and jump right into their workouts or sports without warming up.

 Warming up is meant to keep you from getting hurt by opening your joints and increasing blood flow to your muscles so that you can move and work at your best. If you are facing any injuries visit a sports injury center to get immediate treatment from the expert doctors.

 Improper use of sports equipment:

 We all know that most sports require certain tools and equipment, like boards for surfing, skiing, and snowboarding; rackets for tennis, badminton, or squash; balls for basketball, football, baseball, and so on. If this isn’t used right, it could lead to sports accidents. Putting on the right clothes, like shoes, can also help keep you from getting hurt.


 When your muscles or ligaments are stretched way past their limits, it can cause big tears. The range of motion of a joint is how far it can move in each direction before stopping. Not everyone can do the same things. When you get a hyperextension injury, it means that one of your joints moved too much while you were stretching.

 Simply put, the joint has been forced to move beyond its regular range of motion and physical limits.

 When should you visit a sports injury doctor for injuries?

 Even though you can treat many sports injuries at home, you should see a doctor if:


  •     Pain that keeps getting worse over time and makes it hard to move.
  •     Big swelling that doesn’t go down slowly.
  •     Extreme bleeding or bruising.
  •     Not being able to use the hurt spot
  •     Clearly wrong, like when your leg bends in the wrong way

 What are the 6 common sports related injuries?

 Sprains and Strains:

 Strains happen in different places in muscles and tendons. On the other hand, tendons get sprains when they stretch too much because of movement. The sports where you are most likely to get these two kinds of injuries are wrestling, soccer, hockey, and football. But they can also happen when you run or swim. In these cases, you might feel them in your lower back or legs. Hand and wrist strains and sprains can happen when you row, play golf, or do gymnastics.

 Shin Splints:

 When you have pain in your shin, it’s because the shinbone (or tibia) is inflamed or has been hurt in small ways. The shin is the part of your leg in front of your knee. Runners and basketball players often get this kind of injury.


 This is tendonitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue between your bones and muscles. If you experience discomfort from repetitive motion, you may have it. Tendinitis is most prevalent in golf, tennis, baseball, and skiing.


 Most breaks happen in the arm, hand, or finger. Some of the games where you’re most likely to break a bone are inline and ice skating, skateboarding, football, baseball, and gymnastics. But it’s possible to break bones in any sport.


 When a force moves the end of a bone out of place where it hits another bone in a joint, this happens. This happens less often than a break. In games like basketball and gymnastics, dislocations are common.


 When you get a blow in the head, this can happen. It can also be caused by any force that makes the body change direction quickly. Because more people know about concussions, more high school players are coming forward to talk about them. The three sports that provide the greatest risk for concussions among young athletes are ice hockey, rugby, and football.

 What are the tips to prevent sports injuries?

You might not be able to stop them every time. But it’s helpful to know what could go wrong. Most sports accidents happen when someone trips and falls. Overexertion and being hit by or against something are two other common causes.

 Here are some safety precautions:


  •     Do stretching to stay flexible
  •     Take enough rests between vigorous play or exercise
  •     Begin at a slow pace
  •     Ensure to be completely recovered from any previous injuries. Visit a physiotherapist in Coimbatore to ensure you have a complete recovery.

 Important Takeaway:

 Working out and playing sports are good for your health, but they often cause accidents. A lot of common, small sports injuries can be fixed at home by resting and using other methods. But see a doctor if the pain, swelling, bruising, or inability to use the hurt area doesn’t go away in a few hours or days.