Why is Sunstone Yoga the Best Option to Select?

Why is Sunstone Yoga the Best Option to Select?

Sunstone Yoga is the best option to select as it has numerous benefits available to licensees, and Yoga places a high value on its business relationships. Franchisees receive in-depth training, a wealth of tools, and ongoing support. 

Franchise partnerships can either commence as start-up business models. Franchisees can get assistance from Sunstone with market research, site selection, and full operational guidelines.

History of the Franchise


Brandon Hartsell and Nicole Shaw were the founders of the Franchise, who founded the Franchise in 2002. They opened their first studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

They established their first studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and later built additional studios there as well as in Austin, Texas,


They employed more than 150 highly trained instructors and offered more than 800 classes a week.

Brandom and Nicole Inspired From

Sunstone Yoga takes its name from the 1957 Piedra de Sol by Nobel Prize-winning poet Octavio Paz. 

The Franchise Business Opportunities

The Franchise has highly trained instructors, each certified to teach yoga, and have completed a minimum of 500 hours of comprehensive training in techniques:

  • Teaching methodology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Lifestyle

Benefits of Sunstone Yoga

Highlights the Value of Sun Energy

Yoga aims to show you the advantages of absorbing the sun’s energy and vigor. 

Enhance the Feel of Joy and Zeal

By engaging in the age-old art and science of yoga, you can bring out the joy, zeal, healing, and awareness already in each of us. You can quiet the mind, test your body’s limits, and discover your truth through breath, action, and stillness.

Sessions Begin Slowly

Each session begins slowly and deliberately as you awaken the body with mindful breathing and slow movement. 

Complete Guidelines

Their instructors always safely guide each session and assist you in discovering all the challenges and joys that vinyasa yoga offers, whether you’re new to the practice or an experienced practitioner.
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Best Yoga Studios in Irving

The best Yoga Studios in Irving are:

  • Sunstonefit
  • Yoga Six
  • Bikram Yoga


Sunstonefit Yoga School in Irving, Texas, focuses on body strengthening. Since 2002, they have paved the path with various yoga classes.

Multiple Choices for Students 

Because their teacher is aware of modifications, students have multiple choices during practice that are appropriate for all skill levels. 

The Studio Offers Yoga Lessons

In a calm setting, their studio offers lessons in flow yoga, hot yoga, and high-intensity interval training. You will feel a more comfortable and energized version of yourself by practicing with great positivity, authenticity, and dedication. 

Group Classes

The Yoga class provides group fitness, yoga, Pilates, and barre lessons.


Alexis B. established YogaSix. Her objective is to spread enthusiasm for yoga among Irving’s residents. She wishes to create a fun environment where you can come and feel supported and inspired. 

Physical Advantages

They work hard in her workshop to infuse positivity, authenticity, and dedication. They also want everyone to access a visual yoga experience, and each yoga class has a distinct emphasis and physical advantages.

Strength and Balance

YogaSix is best for you if you’re searching for strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. 

Friendly and Safe Atmosphere

They have a friendly setting where you can recover, unwind, and learn. Additionally, they dedicate themselves to maintaining a safe atmosphere in your studio.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a Yoga school in North Texas. Their instructors are welcoming and helpful in helping you find the right program. 

Provide Food

They also provide food for your body, soul, and spirit. Their large studio is incredibly encouraging and inviting, and every generation can participate in the yoga studio’s series. 

Welcome New Pupils

In almost every lesson, they warmly welcome new pupils. While maintaining a pose, their slow practices and deep breathing increase blood flow and strengthen your muscles. 

The instructors’ daily practices of their yoga and Pilates courses. They specialize in lowering tension through trials and establishing routines promoting regular sleeping patterns. Newcomers are always welcome.