The Benefits and the Best Positions of 3 Person Yoga Poses

The Benefits and the Best Positions of 3 Person Yoga Poses

3 person Yoga poses is another name for Acro Yoga. The Yoga poses combine cheerleading and Yoga with a touch of zen and hilarity. Try some fantastic beginner or expert 3 person yoga poses to strengthen your relationship with your significant yoga friends or children. 

What Does the Term “Acro Yoga” Mean?

Yoga, gymnastics, and acrobatics would have a child called acro Yoga. Due to its many advantages and exciting photo opportunities, this unusual form of fitness and art is becoming increasingly well-known. 

What Do Yogis Do?

In essence, the foundation yogis use their hands or feet to lift one or more other yogis off the ground. Successful acro yoga poses require communication, balance, strength, and flexibility.

3 Famous Acro Yoga Positions


  • The individual supporting the full pose from the bottom typically lie flat on their back.
  • The flying yogis receive all their power and stability from the ground. 
  • They must have faith in their strength and abilities because they are the base of the pose.


  • The flyer is the yoga practitioner who is hovering. 
  • They appear to be flying at moments, but at other times they are just balancing on the limbs of the base. 
  • They must have excellent coordination, equilibrium, and control over their body. 


  • A spotter is the “safety person” who monitors everyone’s technique and ensures no one collapses.
  • Spotters provide additional assurance when three people are trying challenging yoga postures.

Benefits of Group Yoga Posing

There are a lot of mental and physical benefits to practicing group Yoga Poses. Some of them are:

Makes Strong Friendship Bonds

Trio acro yoga is a great way to strengthen relationships with friends, family, and your significant other. Taking yoga lessons with strangers will lead to some truly remarkable new friendships.

Beneficial for Parents

Trio acro yoga is a fantastic exercise that parents can do with their kids. Children get support from you while trying silly flying poses is a great chance to build relationships.


Speaking to each other is necessary when practicing acro Yoga, which differs from solo Yoga on a cushion. Effective communication is crucial when performing any group yoga pose because it ensures everyone knows where the asana is heading.

Develops Trust

Yoga also promotes confidence or trust among your yoga partners. It would help if you felt at ease before you urge someone to move their foot slightly to the right. 

Build Strength

Unsurprisingly, Yoga requiring more than two persons takes much more strength than regular Yoga. With each exercise, you are adding more muscle and improving your balance.

Enhance Flexibility

Many acro yoga postures enable you to achieve a much deeper stretch than on a yoga mat, like aerial Yoga or poses in a yoga swing.

Reduces Back Pain

Inversion and spinal decompression can reduce back discomfort while enhancing circulation and mental clarity.

Makes You Sociable

Because you genuinely require the assistance of the other participants to complete the pose, acro Yoga elevates the energy to a new level. To continue working as a team, you can connect on a new story you have probably never encountered. Thus you can overcome new challenges,
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Best 3 Person Yoga Poses

Tripple Warrior III

It involves three-person to take on the classic partner Warrior pose. You can do it on a solid surface like wood or even grass.

Make a circle by inhaling your arm up above your head. Exhale, inhale, shift your left leg, fly back behind you, and keep your body in a T-shape.

Box Trio

Box Trio is an easy intro to flying with three persons to make a yoga pose. The three yogis will lay flat across the top, and the other two partners to create a rectangular box on the ground. Thus they make an L-shape together. 

Ballet Pose

Solid bases and a very flexible flyer are necessary for this position. It is an adorable expression combining cheerleading, dance, and yoga elements. Everyone participating receives a substantial stretch from the ballet pose.

Trio Plank Pose

Everyone can practice perfecting their plank posture (Phalakasana) on their own before moving on to stacked planks. Before attempting the plank trio, you must maintain a firm plank for at least 10-15 complete breaths.

Downward Dog Trio

The downward dog position is a well-known yoga and slight inversion with a significant hamstring and shoulder stretch. There is a great photo opportunity when you give several down-dog postures on top of one another.

Trio Flying Mountain and Throne Pose

This pose is an exceptional yoga challenge because the two flying partners support their weight and balance without touching each other. For this pose, you must have excellent arm strength as a base to hold your legs up in a 90° position.


3 person yoga poses demand a high level of support. It would help if you enrolled in a certified yoga school to learn acro Yoga under the guidance of skilled staff.